7 Ways to Use Toothpaste Around Your Home

By Slater Family Dental | Jul 31, 2012

Here at Slater Family Dental, your dentist in Aloha is always coming up with interesting ways to use dental products. Dr. Jay Slater  shares with his patients the importance of brushing their teeth regularly. But toothpaste isn’t just for your teeth. Have you ever thought about what are other things you can do with toothpaste? Our…

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How To Take Care of Your Teeth When You Are Busy

By Slater Family Dental | May 21, 2012

As your Beaverton family dental care choice, we know that with moving fast, job stress, family chores, life dilemmas with life happening all around you it is hard to manage everything that alone your personal health. Taking care of yourself when you are stressed is the most important thing you can do for your health.…

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At Home Oral Care Tips

By Slater Family Dental | Apr 16, 2012

At Slater Family Dental, Doctor Slater, a dentist in aloha, always says that the real oral care health starts at home. The more you do to be proactive about your teeth-health the better your dentist office visits will usually go. Taking care of yourself is not just about eating right and exercising, although those are important,…

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