Digital Radiography

Our Aloha / Beaverton dental office uses digital radiography for taking pictures of your teeth and oral tissues. Digital radiography replaces traditional x-rays by allowing a computer to take an image of your tissues utilizing far less radiation and providing images instantaneously on a computer screen right in front of you.

The image is sent directly to a computer where it is stored with other patient record information. This image can also be emailed to another provider or specialist should the need arise.

The images can be evaluated immediately with advanced, computer assisted tools. The software also magnifies the image so tooth problems are readily apparent and more easily analyzed than traditional film x-ray images.

This new technology enables the doctors to treat problems at a much earlier stage.

Advantages of Digital X-Rays

  • Less Radiation – Digital technology greatly reduces the amount of radiation necessary to make x-ray images in comparison to traditional film technology.
  • Environmentally Friendly – With digital x-rays, there is no film to develop, so there are no toxic chemicals requiring disposal.
  • Enhanced Diagnosis – Image-enhancing software improves the ability to see problem areas, resulting in earlier treatment than in the past.
  • Improved Speed – Digital images are sent directly to a computer, where they are immediately available for viewing.
  • Greater Detail – Digital x-rays show greater detail than those taken with traditional film, and can be enlarged digitally at the touch of a mouse.
  • Enhanced Communications – The digital format enhances communication with patients, colleagues and insurance companies.
  • Computerized Storage – X-ray images are stored along with patient records in our computers.
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