Back-To-School Hygiene Tips

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“Back-to-school hygiene is essential as we prepare for schools in Oregon to start back up. We’d like to remind all of our families about the importance of seeing your dentist before that first day of class. We know you probably have a list of other errands to do in preparation, like buying school supplies and school clothes. 

However, you may want to consider adding family dental appointments to the list. Seeing a dentist before your child returns to school can play a very important role in your child’s overall health and wellbeing during the academic year.

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There’s also no better time for dental checkups than during summertime when there’s no school to be missed or extracurriculars to work around, so you may as well get dental visits checked off your summer to-do list. Plus, your child will be able to start the new school year with a healthy and bright smile.

Before School Starts

It’s a great idea for your child to spend an hour in the dentist’s chair before school starts because it’s just another thing to knock off your list and not have to worry about for another six months.

Preventative care can actually improve your child’s performance in school too, and what parent doesn’t want their kid’s school performance to be the best it can be?

It can boost their school performance due to fewer absences being needed for potential tooth pain, fewer distractions when studying, and less of an impact on their self-esteem and their ability to create relationships with others while in school.

One of the most common chronic childhood conditions is tooth decay. If your child is experiencing tooth pain, then that’s both school and work that have to be missed to deal with the issue. Children with tooth pain are also four times more likely to have a below-average GPA due to having difficulty sitting in a classroom and paying attention to what they’re being taught.

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Start of the School Year

It’s especially important for your child to see a dentist before the new school year begins if you have a little one about to enter kindergarten. In Oregon, children who are starting public school and are 7 years of age or younger are required to have a dental screening beforehand.

Parents or guardians will have 120 days after the start of the school year to submit proof of a screening done within the last 12 months for their child to remain enrolled in the class.

This can be done by a dentist or a dental hygienist, but you may as well get their teeth cleaned too since you’re already at the dentist. That way we can do a thorough exam and teeth cleaning to be sure their smile is looking and feeling its best.

Prevent Small Dental Issues

While you may not think your child has any serious dental problems, one of the benefits of a dental checkup is to prevent small issues from turning into bigger and more serious issues. Treating those smaller issues can save you and your child a lot of pain in the future, and contribute to a better quality of life as well. We know life can be busy and how easy it is to forget about a visit to the dentist when worrying about a list of other things you need to get done, but taking the time to get a checkup done is worth the hassle in the long run.

Early Signs of Gum Disease

During a dental checkup, you can expect your child’s teeth to be cleaned and have their mouth examined to see if there are any cavities or other potential issues. We can monitor any potential concerns like toothaches or catch early signs of gum disease. Roughly one in five children have at least one decayed tooth that is often left untreated.

Plus, we can educate and explain to your child the importance of keeping good oral hygiene habits, that way they’re learning something new before class even starts!

Another reason why it’s a good idea to have your child’s teeth looked at now is that they may require additional treatment to further preventative care. This could mean braces or fluoride treatment to help strengthen tooth enamel, or even mouthguards if your child plans to participate in any contact sports. A good mouthguard can reduce the risk of oral injury and dental emergencies.

At Slater Family Dental, we even offer a new patient special if you haven’t visited us before. If there’s one thing we can guarantee, it’s that having your child get a dental checkup before school starts will give you peace of mind. We want you and your family to start the school year smiling, and we’re here to help with that.

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