We know how important dental insurance benefits are to our clients, and we also know how complicated it can be to sort out benefits and coverage. We take great pride in the knowledge and efficiency of our office staff in working with insurance providers.

We want to help you as much as possible afford the dentistry that is right for you. As a premiere dentist in Aloha OR, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. To help you with other financing options, we also offer Care Credit. Care Credit loan approvals usually take just a few minutes to process. 

Our office has opted out of: Medicare, Medicaid, OHP and DMO policies.

Slater Care Credit Dentist Beaverton OR Aloha Oregon

Here are some important facts for you to keep in mind regarding dental insurance plans:

  • Your insurance company may cover from 70-100% of routine preventative care and from 40-70% of major services based on the plan’s pre-established maximum fee allowance. This allowance varies from carrier to carrier.
  • We have contracted with several insurance companies to act as Preferred Providers for their plans as a service to our patients. Our front desk staff will be able to help you determine if we are Preferred Providers for your particular insurance plan.
  • It is important that you familiarize yourself with your specific plan in order to determine what portion the insurance company will pay and what portion you are responsible for.
  • We ask that the estimated patient portion be paid at the time of service. Our receptionist can help you estimate your insurance coverage for your specific treatment.
  • When your policy says it covers 100% of “usual and customary,” it means it pays the amount the insurance company has calculated that a procedure or service costs based on market surveys. It doesn’t mean that it covers 100% of what a dental provider actually charges.
  • We have consciously chosen to provide high-quality dental care to our patients and have carefully calculated what our fees should be to offer that level of care. To lower our fees would require us to lower the quality of care we provide. We do not see that as an option.

We work with most major dental insurance carriers, including, but not limited to:

Slater Family Dental Delta Dental Billing and Dental Insurance
Slater Family Dental Ameritas Dentist Beaverton OR Aloha Oregon, Dental Insurance
Guardian Dentist Beaverton OR Aloha Oregon, Dental Insurance
moda Health Dentist Oregon Beaverton Aloha OR, Dental Insurance
Lincoln Financial Group Dentist Aloha OR Beaverton Oregon, Dental Insurance
The Standard Oregon Dentist Beaverton Aloha OR, Dental Insurance
REGENCE-LOGO, Dental Insurance
Cigna-Logo, Dental Insurance
METLIFE-LOGO Dental Insurance
Principal Financial Group Dentist Beaverton OR Aloha Oregon Dental Insurance
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