What Are CEREC Restorations?

One instrument we use to repair damaged teeth is the CEREC 3D system. It allows us to do ceramic tooth restorations right in our office while you wait in your dentist’s chair. This advanced system eliminates the need for extra dental visits and temporary crowns.

CEREC restorations are durable, matched to your tooth color, and allow dentists to treat their patients less invasively. As this new bonding technology allows a more likely chance of your tooth is preserved.

How Are CEREC Restorations Performed?

First, we prepare the tooth by removing the unhealthy parts, like decay. Once we’re left with the remaining health structure of the tooth, we then paint it with a layer of this reflective powder and take a photo of it using a special camera to send over to our CEREC system.

Once the tooth image is sent to the CEREC computer, your restoration is then designed. It’s created in a 3D format, so your dentist can assure the fit will be the most accurate.

After the restoration design has been completed, we place a ceramic block into the system’s milling machine. Then the process of creating the restorations begins, and it only takes a few minutes. Once the machine completes the restoration, the finished crown is ready to be placed!

Advantages of CEREC Restorations

  • You can have your restoration done in one appointment, so no need for temporary crowns or multiple appointments.
  • No need for impressions to be made and sent off to a lab.
  • Eliminates sensitivity issues that are normally involved with bonding techniques.
  • No more silver-colored fillings, as these resemble the natural color of teeth.
  • The high-grade ceramic material is plaque resistant and anti-abrasive.
  • This allows your dentist to save healthy teeth more conservatively.
  • A very accurate process to ensure an ideal fit.
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