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“Dr. Slater didn’t give me my smile back. I don’t think I ever had one. He gave me a smile!! The mirrors in my house are getting a lot of use because I still can’t believe it!

Art and science, fashion, and function all come together for a new me! I had a full makeover from Invisalign to new porcelain crowns and bridges.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. He explained the entire process, from start to finish, and addressed all my questions and concerns.

The entire staff at Slater Dental are wonderful to work with. Grin and bare it. Now I can! Thank you, thank you to everyone at Slater Family Dental.”

– Joel R. Roth

When I came to Slater Family Dental over 6 years ago, I came with a whole slew of dental problems as a result of having received no dental care in my first 18 years of life. Many of my molars had been removed, and other teeth needed root canals, crowns, and several fillings.

As an adult, my experiences with dental offices had always been filled with judgements because of the condition of my teeth. Procedures were painful and traumatic, which lead to extreme anxiety around seeing the dentist. In the end, I required medication just to go in for cleanings.

On my very first visit to Dr. Slater’s office I was treated with complete respect and dignity. Dr. Slater has a very joyful and calming presence that immediately puts you at ease. So much so that I decided to bring my children in to see him. My youngest son has Autism, ADHD, anxiety with obsessive compulsive traits, and Tourette’s. I always thought that I’d need to find him a very specialized dentist… but it turns out that I just needed to find him a special one.

Dr. Slater and his entire staff including the techs, hygienists, and front desk personnel, have always been super warm and friendly, easy to work with, and incredibly attentive and gentle. I no longer require anti-anxiety medication to see the dentist.

One year ago, I decided to embark on a journey of replacing all of my missing teeth with implants. For me, this meant sinus and grafting surgery due to the loss of bone in my jaw. Dr. Slater calmed my fears and walked with me through this process every single step of the way. He has such a great attention to detail and worked hard to make sure that my new smile was absolutely perfect!

I’m going on 2 weeks now with my new teeth and I couldn’t be happier! I no longer hesitate to smile or keep my smile small, and I feel confident making lunch dates with friends because now I’m able to CHEW!

I’ll always be grateful to Slater Family Dental and the enormous positive impact they’ve had on myself and on my little family. I feel like I have a new lease on a life that allows me to share my joy openly, and that gives me the freedom to be authentically me without fear or hesitation!

– Kristen R.

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