One Patients Journey to Smile Down the Aisle

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After Bonding

After Bonding

smile after zoon at Slater Family Dental in Beaverton

After Zoom Whitening

Meet one of Dr. Slater’s recent patients! This patient has had a history of bad dental experiences.  In the past, she had cosmetic bonding, a dental procedure that involves applying a custom-tinted composite resin to your teeth. It can repair a range of common complaints. Although this patient had already had cosmetic dentistry performed on her teeth, she still had always hated the color of her teeth and the rotation of her lateral really bothered her.

She had been putting off getting her teeth fixed for a while but once her now fiancé popped the question, she knew she wanted to be able to smile with confidence! She’s getting married in October and came to Dr. Slater for help.

Dr. Slater broke the process down into three steps to present to the patient:

1. Remove Previous Bondings

The first step was to remove her previous bondings that had been placed on her teeth. Because there is no need to remove any of your natural tooth structure when getting the bonding placed, the bonding material can be removed without any damage to your enamel.

After the first process was complete and her dental bondings were removed, he then started on the steps to whiten her teeth. This was incredibly important to her so that she could walk down the aisle with confidence and a gorgeous smile. At Slater Family Dental, we proudly offer Phillips Zoom Whitespeed Tooth Whitening Treatment which can be done in our office in four simple treatments, a two hour appointment.

2. Zoom Teeth Whitening

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3. Re-Bond Teeth

The third and final process after removing the original bondings and whitening her teeth was to re-bond her front four teeth.  She had tears of joy when they were all done.

Stay Tuned! We will be posting her wedding photos soon!
Do you have a Wedding or other big event coming up? Take this story as a great example of how to restore and gain confidence in your smile! Dental Bonding, Teeth Whitening, and Other Cosmetic Dental Services can change how your teeth look & will leave you beaming with confidence. Learn More Call Now

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